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Ama de Casa Bilingüe

Habilidades básicas de limpieza te entrenará para una ocupación trabajando como ama de llaves a tiempo completo. This bilingual course will train you for an occupation working as a full time housekeeper.

$595.00 (USD)

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Los estudiantes aprenden todos los aspectos de la capacitación en el hogar desde la limpieza de las habitaciones, superficies y objetos hasta saber qué productos de limpieza usar y qué herramientas se necesitan para realizar el trabajo correctamente. Los estudiantes comprenderán cómo lavar la ropa y cómo hacerlo, y las diversas técnicas para separar, lavar, secar y planchar.

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre la organización del hogar y la administración del tiempo, comenzando con los fundamentos de cómo organizar un cajón, un armario, un armario y una sala. En esta sección, también aprenden cómo administrar su tiempo y crear listas.

Los estudiantes aprenden los principios básicos de la cocina para que estén familiarizados con cocinar una comida básica, poner una mesa y servir. Aprenderán sobre ollas, sartenes y utensilios para cocinar. Aprenderán sobre cubiertos, cristalería, porcelana y cómo colocarlos en una mesa cuando sirvan comidas informales o formales.

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre salud y seguridad cuando trabajan en una casa para que estén preparados para emergencias e incidentes inesperados.

Finalmente, el estudiante que aprenda de Ama de Cas Bilingüe aprenderá a hablar inglés en el trabajo para la profesión de limpieza - vocabulario y frases útiles

You can expect to learn all aspects of developing a career in housekeeping such as the various job titles and description of how to work in these capacities. In this part of the course, you will discover your skills and which ones you need to improve upon. You will learn how to prepare for a job, interview and get hired. You will also learn the important elements of how to maintain professional conduct on the job even up to the point of changing jobs.

You'll learn all aspects of household training from cleaning rooms, surfaces and objects to knowing which cleaning products to use where and what tools are needed to get the job done properly. You'll gain an understanding of laundry and how to do and the various techniques for separating, washing, drying and ironing.

You'll learn about household organization and time management beginning with the fundamentals of how to organize a drawer, cabinet, closet and room. In this section, you'll also learn how to manage your time and create lists.

You'll learn the kitchen basics so that you're familiar with cooking a basic meal, setting a table, and serving. You will learn about pots, pans, and utensils used to cook a meal. You will learn about flatware, glassware, china, and how to place these on a table when serving informal to formal meals.





You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.




You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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